Exiles RUFC vs East Peckham 1XV – ‘The maiden match’

The London Exiles dates from December 1989 when the club was officially formed. The Club was founded by the life president Tim Edghill. Originally ‘The Exiles Club’ (a name still used for the formal administration of the Club), the team was formed to be a wandering side to visit Clubs around the Country. The Club was for the pure enjoyment and spirit of Rugby Union as well as other sporting pastimes.

The first side, then called simply ‘The Exiles’ took to the pitch against East Peckham RFC on the 20th February 1990. In the best tradition of sporting excellence, this racey XV included five current players, five ‘would be’ retired players, two footballers, two hockey players and a rower! The scene was set.

An ominous tone was set when East Peckham scored their first points before three of the Exiles had actually taken to the pitch! Undeterred, a further 78 minutes of hard graft and one way traffic occurred before the Exiles trudged off to a score line of 0 – 70.

Not a bad start.

Despite the scoreline the team celebrated their maiden game into the night and made many friends with their opposition. Indeed, East Peckham, despite their convincing win, had already asked for a repeat fixture for the next season, long before losing all six of the boat races that evening.

Drinking honour restored and hoarse with too much song, The Exiles left heads held high.

A year later we drew 16 –16.

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