The inaugural event of this year’s social calendar is fast approaching and it’s safe to say it’s going to be a cracker!

September 21st 2019 – Where’s Whalley Social

Played in the form of ‘Ou et La Poulet’ – a £10 buy in from each player goes into the kitty and players will form teams of two. Whalley (dressed as Wally) will then disappear to a pub/bar within a pre-defined area of Clapham with the kitty. It is then the job of the pairs to find Whalley with the kitty. Once you’ve found him, you can start drinking.

Location – Clapham

Players, supporters, extended family members, everyone is welcome. Get down to Barn Elms HQ to see the 1s do battle against Chobham and cap the night off with some egg chasing off the field!

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