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Over the years we have created a welcoming environment that offers competitive Rugby without the demand on time
Tim Edghill, President


The Exiles training sessions are the same standards that our coaches are exposed to. It's the benefit of having professional players as coaches.
Danny Kenny, Head Coach
I have loved every minute of being an Exile. I attribute my fantastic physique to the intensive training sessions we do once a week.
Neil Criggie, Exile of the year '15

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  • Training

    We train once per week on Wednesday evening in Battersea Millennium Arena.

  • Playing

    Our first team compete in London South West 2 and our Legends compete in the Surrey Leagues. We also offer occasional Vets games.

  • Social

    Weekly social events, there is always someone to have a beer with.

  • Support

    We often have around 1000 spectators for our home games.

  • Coaching

    Our coaches are professional & International players.

  • Training

    We offer optional indoor S&C sessions on a Monday evening.

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