Through the new RFU scheme the Club insures all paid up and registered players in compliance with the requirements of the RFU. This statutory insurance provides a level of cover for death or disability.

Insurance is arranged for the whole season and therefore players are covered for serious injury throughout training or matches for the whole of the season, irrespective of the number of games played.

The level of Club insurance can be increased for each team and we will provide detail of this years Club policy immediately prior to the start of the first matches.

The statutory Club insurance does not cover individuals for sports injuries such as broken bones, ligamental or other muscular or tendon damage. Therefore private company medical health cover or personal health insurance which is a players own responsibility is required to cover risks of this sort.

The Club does have its own physiotherapist, available at training and for Saturday matches and other times for specific treatments.

In addition, personal insurance is available for serious injury, which can top up the cover afforded to club players by the Club’s statutory insurance. A list of suppliers of this type of insurance will be provided on this page in due course.

For further information, contact Tim Edghill.

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